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A Web agency is an essential asset in the strategic equation of a company that wants to position itself well on the Internet.

But having a website is not enough. Value creation must also be encouraged by monetizing its content and attracting new customers. Being able to count on the innovative ideas of a specialized marketing firm allows you to stand out from the competition.

In addition, the city of Sherbrooke, nicknamed the Queen of the Eastern Townships, is the ideal environment to develop your online activities. Innovations are increasingly being developed there. SMEs can thus rely on this structuring and innovative living environment to ensure the sustainability of their businesses.

What are the reasons for choosing a Web agency in Sherbrook?

With its 2 universities and 4 colleges, Sherbrook is a city that promotes the knowledge economy: nearly 40,000 students are trained there. Every year, several excellent strategists and digital advisors begin a promising career there.

Thanks to a business-friendly environment and a development plan that promotes innovation, the City of Sherbrook is a motivating and innovative business environment.

How can a Web agency help you design your website?

Value creation on the Internet is encouraged by the expertise and experience of a Web agency.

Working with an agency that knows your needs, objectives, best tools and online trends is the ideal way to develop your website. You can take advantage of the expertise of a good specialized web company to thrive online.

Here are some of the advantages of a good agency:

  • Analysis and evolution of your business plan
  • A creative vision and new ideas to develop new perspectives
  • Solutions to obtain a good return on investment in your media strategy
  • Extensive expertise in highly profitable tools for your business, including Google AdWords and Facebook Ads
  • The implementation of new customer acquisition methods, such as email marketing and a lead generation structure.

Choosing a Web marketing agency or advisors in Sherbrook is an excellent way to create added value to your online activities. Take this opportunity to discover the difference between Business Advisors!

Sherbrooke : a strategic location

When you look at the geographical location of the most important city in the Eastern Townships, located in south-eastern Quebec, you quickly realize that it has a great advantage:

  • It is located 30 minutes from the U. S. border and a few hours from major cities such as Boston and New York.
  • It is about an hour from Montreal
  • It is located in the centre of several high-traffic highways, linked to several major cities in Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

The municipality of approximately 160,000 inhabitants also offers easy access to airports, ports and railways, allowing you to export your activities and find several interesting customers for your growth!

Sherbrook: an environment conducive to business

Very low operating costs, an unemployment rate lower than the Quebec average and a high number of educated residents: Sherbrook is certainly a good place to develop a business.

These incentives have prompted several talented web agencies to set up their activities in the municipality. Your business on the Web can benefit enormously!

Sherbrooke Innopole : a unique way to welcome innovation

Sherbrook Innopole was created for a single goal: to boost the city’s economy. This organization mandated by the Municipality of Sherbrook wants to advance the Sherbrook business community by focusing on innovative projects in 5 sectors:

  1. Green technologies
  2. The manufacturing sector
  3. Micro nanotechnologies
  4. Information technologies
  5. The life sciences

The organization also provides consulting and mentoring services for entrepreneurs and ensures the successful development of industrial areas.

This initiative is well aligned with the city’s student centre. Sherbrook can thus say that it forms good business heads, which will certainly lead to the creation of new ideas and innovative new companies in the field of the Web.

LCDA: an agency that understands the issues of the local market

Your Business Advisors are here to advise you on Web marketing with their solutions designed to thrive in Sherbrook and elsewhere! The team is familiar with this environment, since the agency was founded there.

This marketing firm’s extensive knowledge of the local market and the city’s operations make them ideal partners.

But don’t think that the agency’s knowledge stops in Sherbrook and the surrounding area! It is fully capable of making you prosper on the national and even international market. For the design of your website and the success of your online business, here is an agency to rely on!

Business Advisors: years of experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised!

The agency also knows how to propel you to the top of Google results by targeting the keywords to be used to attract the maximum number of visitors. Contact us to discover our know-how!

  • Web site design
  • Email marketing
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords campaigns

The agency also knows how to propel you to the top of Google results by targeting the keywords to be used to attract the maximum number of visitors. Contact us to discover our know-how!

Who are LCDA?

Proud from Sherbrook, the agency of Business Advisors was born in 2015 from the desire to quantify the return on investment of the various Web marketing techniques. This desire now guides all our actions.

The agency was even named by the Association des MBA du Québec for its innovative system for measuring online marketing results for SMEs.

Power your website with its unparalleled expertise!

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