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What is lead generation ?

The lead generation is the action of generating new qualified prospects (lead) for business owner using various web marketing tactics.

What is a lead ?

A lead is a qualified prospect.

In order for a prospect to be recorded into your campaign, it must fulfil one of the following criteria:

  1. He must have confirmed an appointment in person or by phone with you or your company
  2. He must have demonstrated a clear interest in the products or services you provide


Leads for a dental clinic

95 leads per month in average for 2 years now – 20$-30$/lead

Client Glenn Hoa

Thanks to Guillaume and his team’s work, I receive 1 to 2 new clients per day!!! Call him and you will make a lot of money!

Glenn Hoa

Leads for a physiotherapy and massage clinic

70 leads per month in average for 2 years now – 10$-30$/lead

client Francis Allard 100x100

I had holes in my physiotherapists’ schedules all the time, but thanks to Guillaume I filled all my practitioners’ schedules, in a few days only. Thank you Guillaume, what you did for us is incredible!

Francis, clinic executive manager

Leads for a dental clinic

80 leads per month in average for two years now – 20$-30$/lead

Thank you for your really nice work, we receive new calls every days


Leads for a relocation company

54 leads per month in average for two years now – 10$-20$/lead

client nancy boisvert 100x100

We do business with Guillaume since a few months now, and he provides a wonderful service. Always listening to his customers, with a fast and polite service. I recommend his company with no doubt.

Nancy Boisvert

Leads for an exterior design company

More than 80 leads in 1 month – 30$/lead

CEO and founder

guillaume godbout 200x300 1

Guillaume Godbout

Guillaume has been previously business owner in an advertisement agency for almost 10 years.
After having sold his business, he completed his executive MBA in Sherbrook’s University, Longueil campus to spread his agency into lead generation.

During his career, he had the chance to work with more than 500 companies and he managed with billions-of-dollars budgets in advertisement.

How does it works?

Obtenez des prospects qualifiés en seulement 5 étapes

Our methodology is simple: we give you as much results as possible, the faster we can. In order to do this, we created a 5-steps process allowing us to better understand your company’s goals, do some research on the best strategy to implement and let you approve the final result before online availability.

chiffre 1


Starting meeting (by phone or in person) to validate the goals and the term’s expectations

chiffre 2


We configure your advertisement account

chiffre 3


We define the target customers

chiffre 4


Advertisements creation

chiffre 5


Validation and online availability

This process can be applied to both lead generation’s types (B2C and B2B)

client fred roy gobeil 80x80

300% of ROI each month… Nothing to add!

Frédéric Roy-Gobeil, tax accountant

B2C Leads

Companies targeting direct consumers (Business To Consumers – B2C) are generally looking to create a lot of ridership. In other words, do big amounts of sales. That is why it is simpler to automatize marketing process’ to make it predictable each month.


What are we doing exactly?

  • Conversion funnels strategies with Facebook and Google
  • Research on your industry and your main competitors
  • Exhaustive research for potential audience
  • Advertisement campaign’s execution and conversion’s monitoring
  • Calls recording if needed
  • Unique ads creation, redacted in relation with your landing page’s content and the offer you want to provide
  • One-time campaign monitoring and strategic advice

B2B Leads

Companies providing a service to other companies (Business To Business – B2B) are constantly looking for new qualified leads. The main advantage of doing leads generation for this kind of companies is that middle-value transaction are generally much higher compared to private customers sale.


What are we doing exactly?

  • We precisely target the decision-maker, inside your potential customer business
  • Our team gets to work in order to find valid contacts inside your target market, regardless of the area of activity, the industry, or the position – this can go to up to 3000 contacts per month.
  • We will put automatic prospecting tools using LinkedIn or mail addresses in order to increase the amount of solicitations.
  • We will redact efficient and tested messages in order to generate results (up to 5 messages per prospects in a month)
  • We use software to send predefined sequences of messages: you can provide answers to prospects to your marketing emails directly inside your mailbox.
  • One-time campaign monitoring and strategic advice

As mentioned above, Google AdWords usually works very well for B2B in most of industries.


What do you get?

We generated 3 types of qualified LEADS:

Emails asking

(Form submission, more information and other)

Phone calls

(Incoming calls, information asking, etc.)

Confirmed appointment

(Conference calls with a hot prospect)

Guillaume generates more than 30% of all my incoming calls

Francis Desjardins, mobile Clinic


We do warranty 20 qualified leads during the first 30 days, or it is free for you!

Website design with concrete results

In order to increase your business credibility and to clearly explain your product and services in details, you will need a website. However, it is important that your website does conversions!

In other words: your website needs to respect the good practices in the digital sale, in order to push visitors to become prospects and easily make them become clients.

Most of website are designed as virtual vitrine instead of being virtual sale force. That subtlety is crucial to understand.

We have expert designers in both corporate and transactional WordPress websites.

I am very satisfied Guillaume, thank you so much!

Pierre-Luc Fauteux, Les Immeubles LPL

The challenge I provided to you was colossal and you took it up with brio and impressive skills.

Mario Roy,

Pitou Minou & Compagnons

Our Methodology

Our methodology is simple and efficient. We design your website in only 5 steps:

Starting meeting to validate the terms’ goals and expectations
Website arborescence’s creation and validation
Visual mock-up creation and validation
Full website creation
Validation and online

Take appointment with us to discuss your website

Click on one of the buttons to take an appointment with us. This is the easiest and more effective way to understand your needs and to see if our services fit to you or not.


Our services’ costs vary in function of your needs and the services ordered.

Our monthly services start at 995$/month.

A landing page costs from 995$ and a WordPress website costs from 3995$.

It all depends of your target customers and the offer you provide. Obviously you have only 20 potential customers


In fact, each medium has got strength and weaknesses. Our role is to choose the best medium and the best message to catch your target’s attention. Also, we realised with time that most of customers had some preferences for some mediums more than some others. That is why we always provide different options.


A conversion funnel is a sequence of actions that we want our prospects to realise before becoming customers. Most of time, we talk about 3 big steps: a view in your web page, the visitor becomes a prospect (he demonstrate an interest for a product or a service) and he moves from prospect to a customer (confirmed buy).


Do you know the average value of a new customer’s transaction in your company?

Let’s say that it is 1000$ in average, how much would you be ready to invest in order to acquire a new customer who spend an average 1000$ in a year?

Let’s suppose again that your gross profit margin is 50%. A new customer gives you 500$ of average profit in a year and that your conversion rate (prospect to client) is 1 on 5 (20%), would you be ready to pay 5$ for a lead? 10$? Or even 50$?

Let’s take the example of 50$. A qualified prospect (lead) costs you in average 50$ and your conversion rate is 1 on 5 (20%). So every 5 leads you get, gives you one new customer. So for each 250$ invested, you acquire a new customer that brings back 500$ in average of profit per year. Isn’t it a beautiful business strategy? Each 250$ invested, you get 500$ in return!

This is the secret of the return on investment in lead generation!

Let’s push the example further…. A customer stays 3 years in average with your business! So, for each 250$ invested, it brings you back 1500$ in return. Would you be ready to invest a little more to secure these 1500$?

Most of companies do not calculate the crucial data for a healthy business development. When you master theses data, your growth can be exponential, while it stays profitable.

CEO words

As a web agency and a leads generation expert, our goal is to generate a positive ROI on your ads investments as faster as possible. Really result-oriented, our professional team will be your advisor on your ads messages, the best media as well as your web pages’ content. That is our true role. Our team had the chance to work with companies from different areas and different cities (Montreal, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, etc.). Our client’s goal is always the same: increase the number of customers.

For this, we must put in place a different tracking system from what is usually provided. Our system allows you to calculate the return on investment on every of your media investments to improve or to increase the performance.

So, in our today’s world, we did show that we could advance quickly thanks to tangible results we generated for our customers. We do not speak about beautiful campaigns, or about visibility or many clicks on you Internet ad, we speak about incoming calls, appointment forms. Everything generating sales for Montreal or The Quebec.

As mentioned above, we had the chance to work in web marketing with many different types of industries and different industry areas like: physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors, retail trade, online boutiques (ecommerce), real estate brokers, real estate management companies, building, exterminators, movers, paediatricians, financial managers, B2B services to companies, and much more.

Our clients’ success comes from our experience, our methodology, and the sales that generated directly by our actions.

Why shall we engage ourselves in your website design and your web strategy?

A company cannot have success without using media like Google AdWords. Our Google partner expert team uses all different technics available to maximise your short-term return on investment on this media. Indeed, this media position itself down to the conversion funnel of the customer’s decisional process. A customer doing a research on Google for a plumber’s service for example: he does not have to be convinced he needs to ask for plumber’s service. His decision has been already taken. However, you need to know which plumber he want to ask for business. We know how to draw the maximum of profit from this media. No it’s not only a question to bet the most you can on a keyword, but it is a set of factors inside the ad campaign that will to the success of your internet ad, or not (quality score in Google, landing page), advertisement message, auction strategy, etc.). Google constantly changes its algorithm to improve the game’s rules.

As experts, we keep ourselves in touch with latest tendencies but we also test our concepts with our clients in order for us to provide a positive return of investment, regardless the additional modifications we do in Google AdWords or the media used (YouTube Ads, etc.). Our Google Ads experts are in the heart of several lead generation strategies. Facebook Ads is another media having a great success today. A few business owners only use this media as it should be used because many of them think that a simple Facebook Page is enough to attract new customers. A few companies only have sufficient experience as Facebook Ads. Indeed, this media can precisely target potential customers groups, or potential customers’ interests. For example, if we wish to reach potential clients via Facebook, we could target specific Facebook pages in our industry like Info press. If we want to be more precise in our targeting as a lead generation company specialised in dentist for example, we could target the Quebec’s dentists order. Interesting isn’t it?

Many businesses abandon a very powerful media as well: ad banners. This media has been the web hobbyhorse for a while, before Google and Facebook appearance, because the banners’ visibility was associated to very trustful websites for advertisers. However everything has changed. Today, we buy the same type of ads format but in “unsold” mode as opposed as premium mode. This has enormously decreased the ads cost for the customer. Ad banners are used for retargeting. This web marketing strategy is very efficient because it helps reaching your website visitor a second time with the help of ad banners. The potential customer has already demonstrated his interest in your company by visiting your website a first time. If you are able to reach this potential customer a second time on your website, your conversion rate will be tremendously increased. As experts, we know the good methods and we allow you to benefit from it the maximum we can.

Waiting to collaborate with you!

Guillaume Godbout
CEO – LCDA Agency

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