Do you have a nice website or a website that converts?

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There are several types of websites, the beautiful, the simple and the converting ones. A website that is beautiful has a remarkable design. It is through its visual quality that it tries to attract visitors and customers. On the other hand, a website that converts is not only beautiful, it generates traffic, it invites Internet users to take action, it is easily navigable and it presents a unique proposal. Therefore, its creation requires a lot of thought and work. Indeed, if you want to have a website that converts several elements must be taken into consideration. In this article, I will introduce you to what distinguishes a beautiful website from a converting website. Then, I will present some tips to increase the conversion rate of your website.

What distinguishes a beautiful and good website

In many cases, our clients invest large sums of money in their website in order to make it attractive to consumers. Their web strategy is therefore almost entirely based on the aesthetics of their website. However, the primary objective of a website is to enable the company to attract new customers. Therefore, the best way to assess whether you have a nice website or a good website is to evaluate the conversion rate of your website. If you are currently unaware of your website’s conversion rate, I suggest you install tools that will calculate it for you such as Google Analytics.

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How can you increase the conversion rate of your website?

First of all, your website must invite your users to take action. This action should help you to achieve your main objective. Therefore, if the purpose of your website is to offer an online request for an estimate, you must “a free estimate” buttons on your website. Then, your website must present a clear message. Internet users should easily understand the products or services you offer. Your website must respond quickly to the needs of your visitors. Your message must therefore be popularized, simple and direct. Thereafter, your website must be easily navigable. No need to have dozens of tabs in your menu. Visitors want to get the information they want quickly. So choose a website that is simple and converts.